Publishing from the heart of Wales

The Welsh publishing scene is an increasingly vibrant one, and a new Welsh publisher or imprint is always a cause for celebration. 

Cardiff-based University of Wales Press recently announced the launch of Calon, a new imprint dedicated to non-fiction writing on Welsh life and culture. 

The  imprint name, Calon (heart in Welsh), has a dual meaning: the goal is to publish books with Wales at their heart, and also to be at the heart of publishing that brings the most exciting new Welsh ideas to audiences both within and beyond Wales. 

That’s a mission that Monty Lit Fest can get on board on board with. 

We’re also delighted that our Summer 2022 programme includes a session with Carwyn Graves, author of Calon’s first book, Welsh Food Stories, published this week. The book is an exploration of Wales’s food history and traditions through nine foodstuffs – from bread, cheese and cockles to lamb, salt and chips. 

You can meet Carwyn at the Festival on Saturday 11th June at 2.00pm. Tickets are on sale now

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