Welsh Food Stories with Carwyn Graves

Date:  Saturday, 11th June 2022

Venue:  Montgomery Town Hall

Time:  2.00-2.45pm

Tickets:  £8.00

What do we think about when we think about Welsh food? Leeks? Laverbread? Mam’s cawl? But what about the landscape? The people and places who grow and make it? Our history?

By showcasing nine foods closely associated with Welsh culture – from bread, butter and cockles to apples, salt and chips – Carwyn Graves takes us on a gastronomic journey through the history of food in Wales, bringing us right up to date with the producers who are continuing – or re-establishing – traditions that have helped to make Wales the country it is.

Carwyn Graves is an author, public speaker and gardener from Wales. As a father two to young children, he is trying to do his bit for future generations and the natural world by writing about it. His first book, Apples of Wales (2018), was written as part of his work to help rescue native Welsh varieties of apple with the Botanic Garden of Wales. His new book, Welsh Food Stories, uncovers the rich but neglected tale of traditional Welsh foods, and the people and places behind them: not just leeks and laverbread, but a veritable feast for the future.

Session kindly sponsored by

Luned and David Corser

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