Open late

You never really forget the music you first loved, even if, in hindsight, embracing that Bay City Rollers look or knowing the words to every One Direction song might not seem like our finest hour.

Sometimes, though, that love is lifelong. We’ll be celebrating two such evergreen music cultures at Monty Lit Fest’s Late Lounge on Friday 10th June at 8.00pm.

Join us for a drink (or two) as we hear from Rhys Mwyn and Claire Mahoney, who have stuck with their first music loves all their lives. For Rhys Mwyn, growing up in 1970s Llanfair Caereinion, punk rock opened up a new world of possibilities. A few years later, in Cardiff, the mod revival was capturing the imagination of Claire Mahoney. Since then, both have lived the cultural life these musical movements represent, Rhys through his band, Anhrefn, and his record label, Anhrefn Records, Claire as author of the book, Welsh Mod.

The session will transform Montgomery Town Hall into our very own MLF Late Lounge, complete with bar, as Rhys and Claire share what it means to be part of these Welsh sub-cultures and play the music that continues to inspire them.

If you’re looking for a lit fest session with a difference, look no further. It promises to be loud, proud and a huge amount of fun.

Tickets are on sale now.

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