Late Lounge with Claire Mahoney and Rhys Mwyn

For Rhys Mwyn, growing up in 1970s Llanfair Caereinion, punk rock opened up a new world of possibilities. A few years later, in Cardiff, the mod revival was capturing the imagination of Claire Mahoney.

Since then, both have lived the cultural life these musical movements represent, Rhys through his band, Anhrefn, and his record label, Anhrefn Records, Claire as author of the book, Welsh Mod. The MLF Late Lounge will bring them together to share what it means to be part of these Welsh sub-cultures and to play the music that continues to inspire them.

Claire Mahoney grew up in Cardiff where she began her career as a journalist at Cardiff Journalism School before moving to London. On her return to Cardiff in 2007 she set up a design and editorial agency, Dovetail Communications Ltd. Her work has been featured in The Independent, The Guardian and The Western Mail among others. She has been a regular contributor on BBC Radio Wales. She also blogs on 60s fashion and music. Her book, Welsh Mod: Our Story documents the mod subculture in Wales from the 60s to the present day.

Rhys Mwyn is a musician, archaeologist, writer and broadcaster. As a music manager, agent, publicist, Record Label and promoter, he has worked with acts as varied as Catatonia, The Rich Kids, Viv Albertine (The Slits), Y Cyrff and Datblygu. He previously played bass guitar in the Welsh Punk band, Anhrefn and established the record label Recordiau Anhrefn. Rhys is a regular contributor to Yr Herald Gymraeg and Llafar Gwlad, has published his autobiography Cam i’r Tywyllch (Y Lolfa) and written three Welsh language books on Welsh Archaeology (Carreg Gwalch). Montgomeryshire born, he now lives in Caernarfon.

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