At Monty Lit Fest, we pride ourselves on having something for everyone, whether you’re a fiction lover, a non-fiction fan or an aspiring writer yourself.

As part of our Summer 2022 Festival, we’re running two hands-on writers’ workshops dedicated to two very special types of writing.

On Saturday, 11th June at 12.30pm, author, producer and former Radio 4 commissioner, Sioned Wiliam, and Sony Award-winning Myfanwy Alexander will share their experience and tips for How to Write for Radio. They’ll explore the unique skills needed to draw convincing pictures in voice only, outlining the challenges and joys of writing for a very singular medium.

On Sunday 12th June, also at 12.30pm, we’re offering the unique opportunity to become a published food writer, courtesy of taste.blas, the magazine and website dedicated to great Welsh food and drink.  Order what you fancy from The Dragon Hotel’s Sunday Lunch menu and tuck in while taste.blas regulars, Jon Gower and Myfanwy Alexander, guide you through the process of writing a credible and impactful review of what you’ve eaten. The best review will be published in taste.blas itself.

Because both sessions are practical workshops, spaces are limited to 15 people, so grab your notebook or laptop and buy your tickets now.

Who knows, this could be the start of a whole new career.

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