Five reasons to support local bookshops

Visitors to Monty Lit Fest’s Summer 2022 event can buy books from not one, but two, local booksellers.

Oswestry’s Booka Bookshop  will be running a pop-up bookshop at Montgomery Town Hall, while Montgomery is also home to The Montgomery Bookshop, staunch supporters of the Festival in the local community.

Beyond the Festival, there are plenty of reasons to support our local indies whenever we can. Here are just five of them: 

They are integral to our communities

Anyone who has been to an author event at Booka or sat by the wood burner in the The Montgomery Bookshop on a cold winter’s day will know the great value these bookshops have beyond the books they sell. They are community hubs, places where we can come together over our love of books – or even just for a chat. 

They are “placemakers”

Research by the UK’s Booksellers Association has described local bookshops as “placemakers”, creating a halo effect for the communities around them and contributing to the “visibility and vitality” of towns. 

They know us

Is there anything better than a conversation with a knowledgeable bookseller about the latest books they know we might like? Local bookshops offer a carefully curated selection of hand-picked books – just for us. 

They’re the ethical choice

Whether we’re talking carbon footprint or fair taxation, local bookshops win hands down over a certain Everything Store every time. 

They support authors

Indie bookshops play an invaluable role in the publishing ecosystem, championing authors and introducing them to a wide range of readers. Without them, we’d see a much narrower range of books published. 

Need we say more?

Whether you’re a Montgomeryshire local or hail from further afield, if you love books, seek out your local indies, buy your books there and cherish them. The world would be a much poorer place without them. 

2 thoughts on “Five reasons to support local bookshops”

  1. When I want to buy a book as a present for my son or a friend I always consult Richard and Barry. The y know their books and the local taste. In any case I like talking books and I like handling “proper” books.

    1. Dear John
      Thank you for your response and I couldn’t agree more. It is wonderful to have a local Bookshop in Montgomery and it’s always a pleasure to drop in and see Richard or Barry. They recently recommended a book for a friend to gift to me, ‘The Garden of Evening Mists’ by Tan Twan Eng and it is perfect, a delightful book.
      I hope you are able to attend some of the Monty Lit Fest sessions in June?
      Lesley Jones (on behalf on Monty Lit Fest)

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