Tir: The Story of the Welsh Landscape with Carwyn Graves

in conversation with Adam Bedford

Date:  Sunday 9th June 2024

Venue:  Montgomery Town Hall

Time:  2.30-3.15pm

Tickets:  £9.00

With debates about climate, land use and food raging ever more fiercely, it matters more than ever that we understand the world we live in and the landscape that surrounds us.

In the second of this year’s sessions on farming and nature, naturalist and writer, Carwyn Graves talks about his latest book, Tir, a tour of seven key elements of the Welsh landscape, such as ffridd (mountain pasture) and rhos (wild moorland). By exploring each of these key landscapes and meeting the people who live, work and farm in them, Carwyn offers hope for a better future: one with stunningly beautiful, richly biodiverse landscapes that are ten times richer in wildlife than they currently are – and still full of humans working the land.

Carwyn Graves is a Welsh author, public speaker, gardener and amateur ecologist. He is the author of Apples of Wales and Welsh Food Stories, which was described by Sheila Dillon of BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme as ‘one of the best food books of 2022’. His latest book, Tir: The Story of the Welsh Landscape was published by Calon in Spring 2024.

Adam Bedford has studied and worked in and around agriculture for the past 20 years. In his day job he develops projects in the gap between farmers and scientists to boost sustainable agriculture. In his spare time he runs the Fieldwork Book Club, an online book club with 500 subscribers across the world reading books on food, farming and the natural world with author interviews every month. Adam lives rurally near York with his wife and three sons.