The Folklore of Wales: Ghosts with Delyth Badder

in conversation with Owen Staton

Date:  Saturday 8th June 2024

Venue:  Montgomery Town Hall

Time:  4.30-5.15pm

Tickets:  £9.00

Wales is a land with a vast wealth of ghost stories, including fantastical animals, flickering death omens and unseen things that go bump in the night. Whether these tales are based on true events, or are the creations of active imaginations, is known only to those who have experienced them – but what is certain is that their power to delight and scare us remains undimmed to this day.

In this session, folklorist Delyth Badder and storyteller Owen Staton explore some of these ghostly accounts and the themes running through them that tell us so much about the history and culture of Wales’s varied regions and communities.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, prepare to be spooked, thrilled and entertained in equal measure.

Delyth Badder is a folklorist, author and Honorary Research Fellow with Museum Wales, who has channelled a lifetime’s interest in Welsh folklore into academic study and an extensive library of some of Wales’s rarest antiquarian folkloric texts. She is an expert in death omens and apparitions, with a particular interest in the appearance of spirits within the Welsh tradition, and a regular contributor to discussions on folklore in the media. Delyth also works for the NHS as the world’s first Welsh-speaking Consultant Paediatric and Perinatal Pathologist, and as a Medical Examiner for the Welsh Medical Examiner’s Office.
Owen Staton is a performance storyteller, writer, director and host of the Time between Times podcast. Owen has told stories from Wales and beyond for most of his life and particularly loves Welsh Ghost lore. His Edinburgh fringe show Dark Heart of the Valley won an award which led to him touring the USA. Time between Times was recently nominated in the listeners choice category of the British podcast awards and Owen often appears on TV and radio talking about the strange. He is 50 years old and can do nothing with his hair.