The Final Whistle with Nigel Owens

in conversation with David Williams

Date:  Sunday, 11th June 2023

Venue:  St Nicholas Church, Montgomery

Time:  5.00-5.45pm

Tickets:  £10.00

Nigel Owens is a rugby legend.
Loved on and off the pitch for his warmth and wit, he’s not only the best rugby referee of his generation but also a real character with an extraordinary back story that makes him truly inspirational. 
Join us to hear Nigel talk about his long-awaited and compelling autobiography in what promises to be a highlight of Monty Lit Fest 2023.

Nigel Owens, originally from Mynyddcerrig in Carmarthenshire, is known as one of the best rugby referees ever to take the field. He is also a television presenter and personality,  is active with a number of charities and has his own cattle farm in his home village. 

David Williams is an award-winning journalist, media advisor and author who is a co-founder of the MyWelshpool and MyNewtown hyperlocal news sites. Based in Guilsfield with his two young children, his work has taken him across the world where he has been involved with several Olympic Games and other major multi-sport events, handling media operations and services. His debut thriller Desert England was critically acclaimed on release in 2008, and his follow-up We Could Be Zeroe’ will be released “once I have found the time between kids and work to put the polish on it!”.

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