Taking Stock – Roger Morgan-Grenville

in conversation with Clare Grist Taylor

Date:  Sunday, 12th June 2022

Venue:  Montgomery Town Hall

Time:  3.00-3.45pm

Tickets:  £8.00

Roger Morgan-Grenville is a writer with a mission: to help us to understand the very serious – and complex – crises we’re facing in the natural world with writing that’s also entertaining, personal and the very opposite of preachy or didactic.

In his latest book, Roger takes a look at man’s second-best friend: the cow.  It’s time, he says, that someone told their side of the story. Working as a labourer on a local beef farm, Roger takes stock of the contribution cows have made – and continue to make – to the lives humans lead, and how our future relationships with them can, and should, play out.

In conversation with his literary agent, Clare Grist Taylor, Roger will also take stock of his writing life, how he has learnt to navigate the world of publishing, his relationship with Clare and his editor at his publisher and how he has developed into a full-time writer and campaigner.

Roger Morgan-Grenville’s career started in the army, then at a small kitchenware company before Roger became a full-time writer, based in West Sussex. His most recent books combine memoir with nature, including Liquid Gold: Bees and the Pursuit of Midlife Honey; Shearwater: A Bird, an Ocean and a Long Way Home, and Taking Stock: A Journey Among Cows, published June 2022. He is also author of the acclaimed blog, Old Enough to Know Better and two books based on his exploits as the passionate, stalwart of roving amateur cricket club, The Winchester Hunters: Not Out First Ball and Unlimited Overs.

Session kindly sponsored by McCartneys

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