Back to the land

The countryside, the land, how we farm and enjoy it or otherwise have a relationship with it is never far from our minds in Montgomeryshire and the Borders.

It’s a perennially fascinating topic we’ll be exploring with two top authors at this year’s Monty Lit Fest.

Patrick Laurie‘s book, Native, is rooted in his native Galloway, one of the most isolated and insular parts of Britain. We’ll be talking to him about working on his family cattle farm and how he has reconnected with the land, lamenting at the same time a lost way of life that bound together people, cattle and wild birds.

Bella Bathurst will tell us about her journey among the farmers of Britain – from fruit farmers to stock operators; grassy uplands to polytunnels – telling the often unheard stories of the people who shape our countryside and put food on our tables.

Both will be in conversation with Adam Bedford, farming representative and advisor and founder of the Fieldwork Book Club, an online book club with 500 subscribers across the world reading books on food, farming and the natural world with author interviews every month.

Both sessions will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 12th June in Montgomery Town Hall, Patrick at 1.00pm and Bella at 2.00pm.

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